10km Night Series: ROAD

Pre Race

Race packs


The race packs will be ready for collection from early August. You will be notified by email with the details of when and where your race pack is ready to be collected from Frontrunner Colombo.


Your race pack will include an individual race bib for every event you have signed up too - 1 for sand, 1 for park etc... with a timing chip attached to each one. It will be very clear which bib is for which event. Please ensure you take the correct bib to the correct event. You will need to attach the race bib to your front using the 4 safety pins provided, your race bib must be visible at all times. Event crew will stop you along the course if they cannot clearly see your race number.

Kit list

Whilst the below kit list is a recommend guide rather than mandatory, please run through this list (no pun intended) before leaving home in preparation for each event.


  • MANDATORY: You must wear a lit head torch on the course. Please also carry spare batteries. 

  • Your correct race bib (attached to the front of you)

  • Water bottle - at least 750ml (filled)

  • Suitable clothing (we will be updating you with weather conditions just before the event)

  • Suitable shoes - have a chat with the team at The Frontrunner Colombo if you need advice

On the day



5 October 2018











7.00pm - Event opens

7.50pm - Start pen opens

7.55pm - Race Briefing

7.57pm - Warm up

8.00pm - Go Time!





Car Share: To make things even easier - we suggest car sharing with friends and family who are also taking part or who are coming along to support. Please use the discussion board within the event on facebook if you would like to get in touch with other participants looking to car share.  



BUS TRAVEL - PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure you check before you travel in case you need to make alternative arrangements to get yourself to the startline.

On the Event

Arrival / Start Pen: As you will be arriving with your race bib already attached and your water dispenser (bottle or backpack) already filled, you can head straight to the start pen. You will be greeted at the entrance to the start pen by a lovely member of staff who will use the wonders of technology to check you into the start pen -  you are now officially checked in, at the start line, and ready to go…


Once you are in the start pen, that’s it. It’s a one way system so please ensure you are 100% ready for your start as once you are in you are checked into the event and things will get very confusing if you try to head out and come back in.


A race briefing will take place just before your start time, outlining any important information about the route or event before you will be passed over to our warm up team provided by Team CP and 1 More Round Boxing Fitness Gym


Then, just when you are barely able to contain your excitement - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Gooooo….


At the start / finish point you will find:


Information Point - this will be manned by our gurus of knowledge who will be able to help you with any queries you have relating to the events.


Merchandise Stand - Get your hands on some series specific merch to keep the memories alive until next year's series!


First aid - Medical will be provided at each of the Night Series events. Details of how to obtain assistance will be provided in the race briefing. Medical are in attendance to help with any injury incurred along the way or if you are feeling a little unwell (pre race nerves or hangovers cannot be treated).


Water Station - for all of you thirsty people there will be a water point close to the startline where you will be able to top up your water vessel - to avoid any queues...come with a filled bottle ready to start.


Toilets - Toilets will be available at the start/finish point.

Bag Drop: We are offering a bag drop area for this event where you will be able to drop off a backpack (max of 10ltr) of spare clothes or a change of shoes. This service is available to all participants, so if you do not have any supporters coming along who can watch your “stuff” you will be able to drop your bag off for safe keeping with us.

Please note: As with any event bag drop, whilst you are dropping off your bag in a safe area which will be manned by event staff, we cannot guarantee or assume responsibility for any loss or damage of your property so please leave any valuables at home.


The bag drop area for this event will be visible from the start / finish line. Please make sure you allow yourself enough time to use the drop off before heading down to the start line.

On the Course

The route: We are working closely with the council and traffic management to ensure that this route will be fast, safe, and your perfect chance to run on the roads of Christchurch without having to worry about any traffic or any vehicles at all come to that!


The route will be signed with markers where required so you can track your progress. The markers will be set out by our ace signage team who will make sure you will not take a wrong turn and miss your chance of your PB.


Timing: As soon as you cross the start line, your timing chip will register your exact start time this time will run until you pass over the same line when you finish. Your official time will be logged and will be available immediately following the event at our website www.10kmnightseries.co.nz.


Marshals: This course will be managed with safety as a key point of view. It is important for us to ensure we know what is happening on the event at all times. To ensure everyone is safe and happy for the duration of your run or walk we are including running pacers and walking marshals in the pack. These amazing helpers will be easily recognisable so if you need to...just reach out.


Event crew will be dotted along the course and medical assistance will be available at the start/finish village and the half way point. If you feel unwell at any point please let one of our friendly crew know and they will help you out.


Half way point: This aid station which will mark the 5km point of the course. Shoot straight through, stop for a yarn, top up your water or take a quick selfie...it's up to you…

IMPORTANT POINT - HEADPHONES: We do not encourage the use of headphones on any of our events but as we’re mostly on vehicle free roads we are setting the rule that users are only to have one head phone in at a time. This is for safety as you are on roads and also to ensure you can hear any instructions from marshals along the route. Please also make sure you don't hit play until the race briefings have taken place.

Finish Line: It’s medal time… when you cross the finish line the glory will all be yours. Once you have had your medal placed around your neck, you will be given a breakfast roll voucher and can now relish in the fact that you have finished your 2018 10km Night Series! Head off and grab your hot treat, hydrate and celebrate...

Additional Information

Your Supporters

Supporters are more than welcome and in fact - massively encouraged... tell your friends and family to join us at the start / finish lines. Sadly, spectators will not be able to watch from anywhere along this route whilst you are on your challenge. There is plenty for them to do whilst they wait for you at the finish line however, a shop, a cafe, an info center...they can even take a ride up the chairlift and back themselves...If they can’t take part with you...they can support you… no excuses…


We would be delighted to hear from potential volunteers and we have a real variety of volunteering jobs which anyone can help with - for more information please get in touch at jessica@fusionevents.co.nz


This event is wheelchair friendly.


This is event is pushchair friendly.

If you require any further information, please get in touch - jessica@fusionevents.co.nz


See you at the start line...

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